About Sean Hauk, DOMP

No stranger to complementary medicine and its positive effects, Sean Hauk has been involved with Holistic Healing Arts since his early teens working at the front desk and helping at the Naturopathic Dispensary. He has always been a proponent of Naturopathic Medicine and at one point had decided to follow the footsteps of his father, Dr. Alfred Hauk, N.D. 

However, in his late teens, the performing bug hit him hard, and he has spent his last 18 years as a professional singer, dancer, and an actor. During this career, Sean was fortunate enough to work from one end to the other end of Canada from playing Gilbert Blyther in the Charlottetown festival Anne of Green Gables to playing Gaston in Beauty and the Beast. He has also enjoyed 4 seasons at the Stratford Festival and involved in numerous stage productions across Canada and the US.

It wasn't until later in life that Sean to pursue a career as a complementary medicine practitioner. He chose Manual Osteopathy, as he has always believed in the connectivity of the bodys systems. It further appealed to him as it is proved to be an effective but non-invasive hands-on therapy. Sean Hauk completed his Diploma in Osteopathic Manual Practice (DOMP) from the National Academy of Osteopathy in Toronto. After this intense full-time accredited program, he graduated with honours having logged over 2,200 hours of education in the field of manual osteopathy, including 500 hours of hands-on classes. He is also a member of the Osteopathy Chronic Pain clinics of Canada, which has over 240 clinics across Canada.

Sean has been part of the Holistic Healing Arts team since October of 2018. He has enjoyed helping many people who have been in to see him. He is looking forward to helping many more as he continues to grow his practice here. Click here to write to Sean.