From clinical nutrition and botanical herbal medicine to Chinese herbal medicine and lifestyle counselling, Holistic Healing Arts provides a wide range of naturopathic treatments and therapies. Our health professionals can provide you with a diet plan, lifestyle strategies, and health coaching, nutritional supplements, naturopathic medicines and more based on your health assessment and diagnosis. The range of naturopathic medical services we offer includes:

                          Clinical nutrition                          Women’s health                               Botanical herbal medicine

                         Chinese herbal medicine           Homeopathic medicine                  Lifestyle counselling      



Our nutritional consultant or Naturopathic Doctors evaluate your nutritional status via various tests, including diet assessment, case history, blood work and more. This allows them to provide case-specific recommendations in terms of lifestyle as well as food requirements. Treatment may include nutritional supplements, such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and other nutraceuticals.

Your wellbeing is mainly dependent on the food choices you make every day. Good nutrition is essential for good health and longevity. It is important to include the optimal amounts of micronutrients and macronutrients in your diet. Individual nutrients can help prevent and treat various diseases. For example, antioxidants like selenium, beta carotene, vitamin C, and vitamin E when consumed in foods, protect against the development of cancer, heart diseases, and other degenerative diseases. Nutritional deficiency is associated with chronic health risks and can cause illness and even death.

As every individual has unique nutritional requirements, our health professionals will spend time with each patient to understand what nutrients you may be deficient in and work with you to balance those nutrients in proper proportions. Our objective at Holistic Healing Arts is to help you establish a healthy diet plan that you can maintain for the rest of your life.


Herbal medicine involves the use of healing plants, prepared to be therapeutic and medicinal, to treat various health issues and diseases. Appropriate herbal medicines help to improve the body’s ability to heal and thus improve general health and wellbeing. During the past few decades, much research has confirmed the effectiveness of the biologically active components of plants. This has led to an ever-increasing understanding of constituents, optimal dosage, pharmacologic actions, product quality, and drug interactions. An understanding of the history and usage of herbal medicine around the world is a foundational education for naturopathic doctors. The Naturopathic Doctors at Holistic Healing Arts bring together the best possible traditional herbal medicine and a scientific understanding of herbal formulations to provide our clients with quality care. This helps us to use herbal medicines either alone or in combination with other naturopathic medicines and pharmaceuticals. We ensure best practices for your safety.



The Chinese herbal medicine we offer to our patients is based on ancient practices, which are as old as humanity itself. Early humans supported their health and good survival with a profound knowledge of their environment. With time and experience, they learned which plants were toxic, which imparted strength and sustained life, and which had special healing qualities. For thousands of years, these early discoveries passed on millions of human trials. This led to the evolution of a sophisticated system of diagnosis and herbal medicine. Presently, thousands of medicinal substances and a million tons of herbs are used in China every year. Our Naturopathic Doctors are knowledgeable and well trained in the use of herbal medicines, especially on the traditional Chinese herbal medicines.


We should understand and identify properly any gender and age-based health issues in order to provide an effective treatment. Generally, the health issues during childhood are different from adult health issues; similarly, women’s issues are distinct from men's. Stereotypes and traditional roles and perception, are complicating women’s health issues. Naturopathic Medicine breaks down the stereotypes to identify the root cause of the health issues in women.

Naturopathic Medicine is a healing approach focused on an individual’s lifestyle, diet, homeopathy, botanical remedies and alternative therapies. The medicine is provided according to the concerns, needs, and underlying conditions of every individual. Generally, when a woman experiences health concerns, the cause is assumed to be a hormonal imbalance. While this may be true in some cases, in other cases there are underlying causes beyond hormones that are creating symptoms and that can create even more serious problems.

It is also crucial to understand that even if hormones are the cause of health issues, we should not simply accept assuming this is what a woman should go through. Naturopathic Medicine can treat the underlying causes of many assumed hormonal symptoms and provide relief.

Another common issue in women is that they are considered as a caregiver for the family, children, and ageing parents. People assume that women should be strong or superwomen who can complete everything that needs to be done. Because of this, women keep giving all they can and push aside their health concerns. Unfortunately, this implies women push themselves to the point of breaking before they seek help. A Naturopathic Doctor can help women look at their lifestyle, diet, also how much time they should take for themselves. The doctor can also help in directing women to a more balanced approach to living. 

Some of the common health issues are:

Low libido                                                    Hypothyroid                   Constipation      

Low energy                                                   Weight gain                    Sleep issues      

Mood changes or irritability                    Menopause                   Menstrual issues      


Polycystic ovaries and more      

Even if you do not feel anything is wrong, but perhaps feel lack of energy to do what you used to do, there may be an underlying issue that a Naturopathic Doctor can help resolve.


Following a healthy, balanced diet and getting regular physical exercise is essential for maintaining a healthy body and mind. Though it sounds simple, it’s often hard for many people to consistently follow these healthy routines. Our Naturopathic Doctors spend hours working with patients to help them understand the value and role of lifestyle changes and to help them overcome personal barriers to applying these healthy strategies. Holistic Healing Arts offers one-on-one lifestyle counselling in Brantford and surrounding areas. Some diseases, such as high cholesterol, obesity, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and more can be reversed through the implementation of changes in lifestyle, diet, and approach to the situational stresses in life. 

Our professionals have in-depth training in the paradigm of mind, spirit, and body. Counselling can help each patient reduce the risk of diseases, attain wellbeing, and improve the overall quality of life. Various strategies can be applied to help patients implement lifestyle changes, and encourage them to start healthy activities.


Homeopathy is a remarkable approach to health that has stood the test of time. Since 1796, a growing number of health professionals around the world use this gentle and effective medicine that is obtained from mineral, plant, and animal sources. The correct homeopathic remedy will stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal. Secondly, the person is strengthened to be more resistant to the problem in the future. 

The benefits of homeopathic remedies are:

          -Free of chemical side-effects             

        -Do not interact with other medications      

        -Safe for people of all ages, including babies, the elderly, and the pregnant      

        -Can even be used with animals and plants      

        -Effective for both acute and chronic problems like arthritis, digestive, respiratory disorders, and more      



Since 1992, Holistic Healing Arts has become a well-known centre for providing quality naturopathic care and a variety of effective treatments to its customers in the Brantford area. Apart from this we also have a professional dispensary at our facility. Here, we only carry professional grade naturopathic medicines, including vitamins, herbs, homeopathic and Chinese medicines. All the supplements we carry in our dispensary are chosen by our own Naturopathic Doctors. Our store is open to the public. Call us if you are interested in our mail order services. Listed below are a few of the brand names you can find at our store.

Alpha Science

Alypsis- Karooch Essential Oils


Aroma Crystal Therapy






Cherry Lane



Douglas Labs

Dr. Reckeweg/ Bio Lonreco




Ferlow Botanicals



Natural Factors

Nature's Way



Preferred Nutrition

Professional Health Products


Pure Encapsulations


Pure Source

Purity Life

UNDA Products

Restorative Formulations

Seroyal/ Genestra

St. Francis Herb Farm

Sun Force





Designs for Health

GAB Innovations

Perfect Herbs


Vita Aid

Algae Cal


Signature Supplements


For any physical injury, rely on us to provide the right physical therapy.